Betocarb HP is a mineral solution containing Calcium Carbonate, that optimizes the fines content (<125 µm) to prevent bleeding and segregation of self levelling compound (SLC). It also improves the color and surface texture of architectural concrete.

Betocarb F is a Fine Ground Calcium Carbonate (<40 µm) that reduces porosity and improves the early age strength of technical mortar.

Betoflow D is dedicated to SLC, technical mortars, and 3D printing to enhance flow behavior and reduce the water/cement ratio. Due to its low water demand, Betoflow D can be used in combination with SCM and pigments to optimize the chemical admixture content.

Omya Mineral Plasticizer

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Betocarb UF is a pure, Ultrafine Ground Calcium Carbonate (<10 µm) acting as a mineral accelerator by providing nucleation sites. It is recommended for use in CTA (Ceramic tiles adhesives), SLC (Self levelling compound), and 3D printing applications.

Omya Mineral Accelerator



Mineral Additives

Focusing on the required characteristics of the final products, Omya adds value throughout its range of Mineral Additives. In technically complex systems, Omya's Mineral Plasticizers provide strong benefits, such as an improved water/cement ratio optimizing the chemical admixture efficiency. Mineral Accelerators are dedicated to speed up the hydration process within 3D printing and tiling applications.
In addition to our wide range of Calcium Carbonate products, Omya offers a selection of complementary products from leading suppliers of specialty chemicals:
  • Clays
  • Dispersing Agents
  • Rheology Modifiers
  • TiO2
  • Other Additives
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Omya - The Right Partner for Functional Minerals in Dry Mortar

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Dry Mortar Applications

Offering a broad range of products and expertise for dry mortar applications including facades, tiling, flooring, and technical mortar applications. 

Typical Dry Mortar Applications

Omya offers a broad range of products for dry mortar applications including facades, tiling, flooring as well as technical mortar applications. Our Betocarb and Betoflow product portfolio enables technical advantages through the optimization of the packing density, the better flow of the paste as well as the improvement of the early strength of the mortar.
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Renders and plasters need to serve both decorative and functional purposes. To meet the aesthetic demands of customers, textured renders and plasters require mineral particles with high brightness and various diameters.  
Omya's Calcium Carbonates and other mineral products are ideal for formulations that meet these specific requirements.

Solutions for Facades & External Wall Insulations

Modern design trends in residential and large scale construction projects have led to greater expectations in how tiles are used and bonded to substrates. When installing ceramic tiles, the use of a ceramic tile adhesive will make the application easier. CTA formulations contain up to 50% of various Omya Calcium Carbonate products to provide the right consistency.

Solutions for Ceramic Tile Adhesives & Natural Stones

Self-leveling mortar and overlayment for old and new interior and exterior floors at a thickness of 5-50 mm. It can be applied manually or by a pump to produce self-smoothing that corrects uneven floors, repairs damaged concrete or produces a flat substrate prior to the application of the final floor finish.

Solutions for Flooring

Technical Mortars can be used for a wide range of applications and requirements in highway maintenance, concrete repair and major infrastructure projects. The global trend of 3D printing concretes will lead to developments of new technical mortars, where functional minerals such as Betocarb and Betoflow D will play a major role.

Technical Mortars


Lightweight filler can be produced using a variety of lightweight aggregates from either cenospheres or expanded perlite with the grading particularity of a top cut lower than 1 mm. Lightweight filler are hard, rigid, light and insulative and particularly interesting for the production of innovative lightweight mortar and concrete.

Lightweight Fillers for the Dry Mortar Industry

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